Movie theater chain AMC to have Apple Pay support in 2022

American movie theater company AMC will soon have support for digital payment platforms, including Google Pay and Apple Pay by 2022.

AMC made an announcement during its Q2 2021 earnings call on how they will begin accepting digital payments, as well as Bitcoin for concessions and tickets. It’s not yet clear on whether Apple Pay can be used to buy tickets or concessions, but it’s a possibility since AMC is considering it for Bitcoin.


Due to the pandemic and rise of streaming services AMC is facing lower profits, as customers have opted to stay at home. In a few states in the US, theater occupancy is severely limited to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Warner Bros. also halted potential revenue when it announced a temporary pause this year.

AMC reported during its Q2 call that it made $444.7 million, a loss when compared to the $1.5 billion earning in Q2 of 2019.