Nanacoo FeliCa and WAON cards to be added in Japan Apple Pay this year

WAON and Nanacoo FeliCa cardholders will be able to add their accounts to their Apple Pay later this year.

Both platforms offer prepaid services with attached user accounts. The cards have been available in Google Pay but have yet to be integrated to Apple Pay.

Japan Apple Pay

Apple may have recently worked out an agreement with the two payment services. Before, the companies did not like the idea of having them in Apple Pay due to the fact that there are customer accounts in each card.

Google Pay devices create a login for adding cards, but when the account is deleted then the balance disappears as well. Apple does not allow it in the Apple Wallet app. In this case, users who are signed in to their Apple account can add cards.

Japan has seen a surge in Apple Pay adoption over the last year, with services and apps being added to the payment system.