PayPal rolls out Apple Pay credit and debit card support

Payment service company PayPal has begun rolling out Apple Pay integration with its credit and debit cards.

Back in November last year PayPal announced that Apple Wallet and Apple Pay will support Venmo and PayPal debit and credit cards, with a timeline that it will be completed in 2023. While not confirmed, some users can add their PayPal card, and there’s a banner that shows the integration for PayPal credit and debit cards and an offer for them to add the card to the platform.

Apple Pay

Apparently, the banner does not seem to be visible to all users, which indicates a slow rollout and soft launch. Venmo users still do not have access to this but could happen soon. The Apple Pay integration is PayPal’s latest move to offer more payment methods and modernize its system. Back in April, PayPal added a new Apple Pay checkout option for small businesses.