T-Mobile adds Apple Pay to its website and iOS app

This week T-Mobile updated its iOS App and website by adding support for Apple Pay. It means that the users can now make purchases and pay their bills using Apple Pay. The users can secure 3% Apple Card cashback in the process.

Now users can use Apple Pay to make one-time payments in the T-Mobile app and website. It also supports the autopay. It means that users can now use Apple Pay as an auto-bill payment method as well.


To set up Apple Pay in the T-Mobile app, the user needs to navigate to the “Bill” interface. from there they should look for the Apple Pay option. The users will then have to authenticate for any other Apple Pay purchase using Face ID or Touch ID. 

T-Mobile with Apple Pay

Back in September T-Mobile announced Apple Card users can get 3% Daily Cashback for making in-store purchases. It was only one-time bill payments or hardware purchases. With the latest update, the users will earn 3% cashback on all Apple Card transactions with Apple Pay.

The users receive the cashback through “Daily Cash” at the end of each day. The users can use this cashback to transfer it in the bank, spend this money using Apple Cash, or apply it toward the Apple Card bill.