UBS Switzerland to support Apple Pay soon



Apple Pay

According to a report by MacPrime, UBS Switzerland’s largest bank announced that Apple Pay is coming soon. 

The message came in the form of a tweet on the UBS’s account. He message says:

“Wir freuen uns, Apple Pay bald in unser beständig wachsendes Angebot an mobilen Zahlungslösungen aufzunehmen.”

This tweet directly translates as “We look forward to adding Apple Pay to our growing range of mobile payment solutions soon”

However, the UBS Switzerland has not yet confirmed the date as to when they will add the Apple Pay option. According to the interpretation of the tweet, it seems that Apple’s payment service will be added in the coming few weeks.

Apple pay was first launched in Switzerland back in 2016. Several banks in Switzerland already support Apple pay services. There is a long history of Apple pay in Switzerland. Several banks in recent months have started offering this service for Apple pay support.

When Apple first launched in 2016, it offered support for Visa Cards and Master Cards. These cards were issued by Swiss Bankers, Corner Bank, and Bonus Card. The users can add the Apple Pay option by opening the Wallet app and then tapping on the “+” symbol on the top right corner. 


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