UK woman mistakenly overcharged for Bananas thru Apple Pay


A woman in the UK was charged $2,221 for a bunch of bananas on her Apple Pay account.

Apple Pay

Cymbre Barnes was out grocery shopping at a Marks & Spencer when she was charged $2,217, or 1,559 GBP for bananas that was supposed to be only $1.39, or 1 GBP. The amount was charged on her Apple Pay account before she noticed the error.

Barnes claimed she was in a rush and did not see the mistake. She used contactless self-checkout and finally realized the misprice. However, it was too late and the receipt was already printed.

A Marks & Spencer employee told her that they couldn’t do a refund as the sole till was broken. She had to get to another store to have the charges reversed and fixed.

A Marks & Spencer employee mentioned how the incident was an ‘isolated payment error’, and that they offered compensation and apologized to Barnes.


Samantha Wiley

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