Visa touch in Japan now has Apple Pay

Japanese Apple Pay users will now be able to make purchases on stores that have Visa Touch.

Visa has quickly followed up with Apple Pay support after Line Pay added it late 2020. Line Pay is commonly used in Japan, and Visa is hoping for a share of the pie with Visa Touch.

Apple Pay

Visa CEO and President Stephen Carpin said that the company is pleased to provide merchants and consumers a secure and safe digital payment, and Visa Touch is its token technology that makes it happen. Also, Carpin mentioned how non-contact is gaining interest among consumers, and they hope that Apple Pay will act as the innovative force to push cashlessness in the country.

Visa recommends Apple Pay users make it their default payment method in contactless systems, saying how using Visa as their main card makes shopping ‘smoother’.

Apple Pay has entered the Japanese market since 2016, albeit in limited form.