Apple is expected to move its Apple Store in San Mateo, California to a bigger outdoor development. Apple Hillsdale is set to become the 10th official Apple Store in the Bay Area that may receive the latest makeover.

Apple Store

Public records show that the North Block will have a new and expanded Apple Store, and the space is set to open fall of 2019. Moreover, the Cupertino-based company was given a permit worth $6M to improve ‘Building K’.

Apple Store in Hillsdale was inaugurated in September 2008. It’s one of the smallest and oldest stores in the Bay Area, with 9 featuring modern Store facets, including a Today at Apple forum and a video wall.

A new Apple flagship store will be opened in time with the upgrade of the Hillsdale store at Westfield Valley Fair in San Jose, which completes a line of stores along the Bay Area’s main public transit corridors.


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