Apple plans to add seats, AC and more in CarPlay

Apple’s next move for its CarPlay technology is integration with other car functions, including seats, speedometer, radio, AC and more.

Bloomberg recently reported that project ‘IronHeart’ is underway, with the Cupertino-based company working with car manufacturers in order to expand its CarPlay functionality. Aside from navigation and music, CarPlay currently does not allow any other aspect to be controlled. However, if the project is successful then CarPlay could be the first of its kind to have a greater degree of vehicular control.

CarPlay could extend to display humidity, instrument cluster, built-in speaker, seats, armrests and inside and outside temperature. Bloomberg mentions that Apple is looking to have a strategy that’s similar to its Health and Home technology, where user information is consolidated through one app on the iPhone.

One challenge Apple will be facing is getting carmakers to cooperate and include CarPlay integration on their vehicles. Project ‘IronHeart’ is in the early stages but it’s expected to gain traction in the next few months.

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