Apple plans to make more ads about services

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says Apple is planning to expand its advertising within its Services platform.

The Cupertino-based company intends to increase advertising to iPhone users, according to Mark Gurman. The analyst mentioned that Apple might be adopting more ads within its digital storefront, including in Podcasts and Books, as well as the company’s streaming service Apple TV+. It’s also believed that Apple may be planning to put ads on Apple Maps, although no official word has come out yet.


Putting in more ads to bolster revenue is a time-honored tactic. However, Apple has to be careful to maintain consumer privacy. Currently, Apple is getting its share of profits from search ads within the App Store. New ad slots are being tested in various placements, including the ‘You Might Also Like’ category.

iPhone users can expect to see more advertising in the future if Apple decides to go ahead with its plan.