Apple pledges donations from (PRODUCT)RED sales to aid against COVID-19 in Africa

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic in sub-saharan Africa, Apple has pledged to donate half its profits of the (PRODUCT)RED products to combat against the outbreak in the region.

Apple will be donating 50% of its (PRODUCT)RED sales to the Global Fund. In a recently released video, Apple mentioned that it raised around $270 million, with a highlight on the most-bought and iconic products.


The video also shares that while HIV/AIDS continues to be the main concern in Africa, Apple has pledged to combat the COVID-19 pandemic as well. Viewers get a glimpse of the link to the Apple COVID-19 page where details outline where the donation will go.

The Cupertino-based company says that all (PRODUCT)RED proceeds through the year will be given to the COVID-19 Response program via the Global Fund to fight AIDS and mitigate COVID-19’s impact within the sub-Saharan Africa communities and health systems.