Apple Podcasts embed option now available

Apple Podcasts

Apple has recently made its web player embeddable on webpages. The tool is available through the Apple Podcasts Preview page or Apple Podcasts Marketing Tools.

Podcast enthusiasts, marketers and creators can aim for greater engagement by creating embed codes for virtually any podcast in the Apple Podcasts platform.

When using the Podcasts Marketing Tools website the embed code will already be shown for the podcast you’ve searched. Going the Preview route reveals an embed button in the ‘Share’ menu on individual episode or show, which will then generate the code for embedding on pages.

Apple Podcasts embed

The web player will play the podcast right on the web page without going to an external app or program. Furthermore, it will have an option for the listener to open his or her Podcasts app on macOS, iPadOS or iOS if they prefer. 

The embed and playback option for Apple Podcasts has already rolled out and is available to everyone.

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