Apple Podcasts removes, then restores ‘The Glenn Beck Program’

Apple Podcasts experienced a technical issue on Wednesday when the whole podcast of ‘The Glenn Beck Program’ was removed from the platform.

Beck posted on X to ask the company why his podcast program was removed. The podcast producer posted a screenshot of an email that said ‘we found an issue with your show, which must be resolved before it’s available on Apple Podcasts.’

The Glenn Beck Program

Beck then implored his followers to ask Apple to reinstate the program. As for the email, it’s believed that the issue was a technical one instead of something else. However, with a bit of digging it was discovered that the podcast’s RSS feed was the one causing the issue.

X user Daniel Lewis noted that Beck’s RSS feed was 11 MB, which may have caused the issue. Apple only allows RSS files that are 5 MB and lower and thus the program was removed. After fixing the size, the episodes came back.