Apple Podcasts subscriptions launch delayed until June

Apple has recently notified podcast creators that Podcasts Subscriptions will be delayed until June to ensure that it provides the ‘best experience’ to listeners and creators.

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is a subscription-based podcast service where users get access to premium content. It was announced during the ‘Spring Loaded’ event where it was mentioned that users can listen to exclusive content that’s free from ads, among other perks.

Apple Podcasts

The email outlined how some creators have experienced availability delays and access to the Connect platform, and how the listeners complained about the new look of the Podcasts app.

iOS 14.6 added support for Podcasts Subscription but the service wasn’t launched then. Before that, the Cupertino-based company redesigned its Podcasts app in its iOS 14.5 update. Then, iOS 14.6 addressed issues and an email was sent, detailing how improvements were being done.

Although the month of the launch is mentioned, Apple did not disclose a specific date for June.