Could Apple be working on a Power Drop or Power Share technology on the iPhone XI?

The Tech-Giant Apple could be fascinated in developing Power Drop or Power Share technology for its next iPhone XI since “bilateral wireless charging” was amongst the exciting predictions that the famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported for Apple’s 2019 hardware lineup. This could enable an iPhone to power up AirPods, other iPhones, or potentially any Qi-enabled device seamlessly. Does this sound like something useful for you? How do you think this ought to work?

Bilateral charging has previously appeared in other devices, often dubbed as bidirectional charging or power-sharing. With Mate 20 Pro, Huawei was the very first companies to begin wireless power-sharing to smartphones. It is also anticipated that Samsung will roll out “bilateral wireless charging” to its new Galaxy S10 and S10 + flagship, which will be unveiled this week.

apple power drop

apple power share

The Galaxy S10 was recently shown in the leaked video flaunting the bilateral wireless charging to power up the company’s Galaxy Buds and iPhone. While the 2018 iPad Pro supports wired power output via the updated USB-C port and can charge any small device, if it is launched with the iPhone XI this September, Apple could limit what its bilateral wireless charging feature might support.

In many situations, it might be helpful powering up a friend’s Qi smartphone, however, it could create a very terrible user experience for those who share power ending up with a dead device. If Apple were to limit an iPhone power sharing feature to smaller devices such as AirPods, it could prevent frustrating experiences by adding little more accessibility to the latest device owners.

Otherwise, Apple could code an iPhone with bilateral wireless charging to stop sharing its power when it is charged 20% battery or code custom options.

What do you think about it? Does it sound like a gimmick, or would it be useful in everyday life? Share your thoughts with us below in comments!