Apple prepares case versus Corellium

Apple has been preparing several documents and proofs to show how Corellium’s virtual iOS tool creator for nefarious means.

Corellium was reported to have sold its tool to malware and spyware distributors, and entities who are considered a threat to security and privacy. Chief among the list was the NSO Group, who provided the Pegasus spyware to monitor journalists, activists, and similar persons of interest. The document showed how NSO Group launched trial versions in 2019.


Apple had prepared the document to show how Corellium has bad intentions and provides the tool to entities that have poor human rights practices. In the legal complaint, Apple said that Corellium ‘encourages users to sell discovered information to bidders on the open market’.

Meanwhile, Corellium insists that its tool is a ‘force for good’, although the same can be done for underhanded or criminal reasons. The firms they’ve sold their tool to are connected to surveilling potential critics in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and China.