Apple makes a video on importance of privacy – iPhone

The iPhone has always been a tool deemed to offer privacy oriented features. Apple talks at length about the security modules it has created to keep their users’ data secure at its events. 

The business model of Apple is extremely advantageous to the company, it does not have to rely on mining data from its users to show ads. It has a good revenue system: people buy phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc and the money flows into their bank account.

Simple as that

Apple has now released a video showcasing the privacy aspect of the iPhone. The video is now live on the YouTube channel of Apple with the title “Privacy on iPhone — Simple as that — Apple”.

Privacy on iPhone

“Right now there is more private information on your phone than in your home. Think about that. So many details about your life right in your pocket. This makes privacy more important now than ever,” is heard in the background of the video.

On-device processing

Apple has worked on many features to increase the amount of trust, customers have in the company. Earlier this year, at its developers conference WWDC, the company unveiled its new sign-up/login feature using “Apple ID” which does not share any personal information and does not allow companies to send mails (spam) by relying on a method which creates a temporary email ID whenever a sign-up is required.

The company has also been working on adding more chips on its Mac computers. The T2 chip found on most of the Macs helps the company store data on the device without having to send it to the server to process. Also, the FaceID on the iPhone and the iPad works by storing all the biometric data on the device itself and does not share any data with the cloud.

Go watch the video on YouTube!

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