Apple product sales in Turkey reopens

Apple has officially reopened product sales in Turkey after shutting it down due to Turkish lira and economic instability.

Prices across Apple products have also significantly increased due to inflation in the region. The country’s native currency, Turkish lira, devalued versus the US dollar and caused the Cupertino-based company to temporarily halt sales.

It’s presumed that Apple’s retail stores are back in operation, as is its official website. Consumers might see an adjustment in pricing due to the resulting inflation- the iPad mini has gone up from 5.799 to 7.199 TL; the 27 inch iMac has gone up from 19.979 TL to 23.999 TL; the iPhone 13 Pro has gone up from 14.999 to 19.999 TL; the Apple Watch Series 7 has gone up from 4.399 to 5.399 TL.

The full list of Apple products and prices are available to view on Apple’s Turkey website.

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