Apple promises fix for screen time bug

Apple recently acknowledged a bug affecting the parental control setting, allowing young users to bypass screen time limits and play for longer.

Screen Time is a feature that puts a time limit as to how long children can use their iPhones or iPads. Aside from setting a time limit, Screen Time also limits apps that can be used. A bug bypasses the feature as the limits aren’t working as intended- the Wall Street Journal said that Apple is working on a fix after the supposed update on iOS 16.5 failed.


A spokesperson for the Cupertino-based company said that they are aware of the issue and are working on updates to ‘improve the situation.’ The bug specifically is found in Downtime, a setting that defines how long the user can play on their iPad or iPhone. After changing, the software sometimes unrestricted it or defaults to a previous state. The fix may not arrive until the next iteration of iPadOS and iOS.