Apple promotes Apple Card ‘Family’ feature with a $125 daily cash campaign

Apple Card users can earn up to $125 in rewards through a limited-time promo.

Apple Card launched with great success in 2019 and brought iPhone integration with credit card services from Goldman Sachs. In 2021, Apple expanded the service to support up to five people. The latest promotion invites users to ‘share up to $125 with your family’, or add up to five users through the platform and get $25 when the members spend $25 within a 30-day time period.

Apple Card

Apple Card Family allows the main cardholder to share with family members aged 13 and above. The Wallet app on the iPhone gives the cardholder individual spending tracking and spending access. Shared experience gives each user the ability to earn Daily Cash on their accounts. Daily Cash can be transferred to another bank account or to pay the balance on the Apple Card.

Apple recently launched the Apple Savings Account feature in the US.