Apple’s latest video ad, titled ‘Nap’ shows how Face ID can be a convenient way to unlock your iPhone.

Apple Promotes Face ID in Newest iPhone Ad

In the 30-second ad, a man naps on a recliner outdoors in his backyard. A trio of message beeps come up, and he raises up the recliner to see it. The iPhone XR unlocks as soon as the man opens his eyes and shows him the messages.

After reading the message, the man adjusts the recliner and resumes napping. His dog does the same.

The latest ad is part of Apple’s ongoing marketing campaign ‘That’s iPhone, which promotes the latest iPhone’s hardware features and capabilities, including water resistance, material recycling, App Store privacy and iMessage encryption. Nap’s tag is that Face ID is more secure and easier to use than Touch ID.

‘Nap’ features the background song “Nice” by DJ Latroit, an award-winning musician. Face ID is a security feature that was introduced with the iPhone X model in 2017.


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