Apple Promotes Free Apple Music Concert Featuring Tyler, The Creator

In LA on May 22, Wednesday? You can catch a live concert featuring Tyler, The Creator. Apple Music is featuring the event at the Territory of Promotion, which will also be streamed live when you log in the app on the said date. Currently, there’s an online application for the tickets and several terms and conditions to read.

Interested in getting those free tickets? First, you will need to be at least 16 years old, have a valid Photo ID and agree to security screening and a search at the door. If with a guest, you’ll need to arrive together. Only one registration is allowed per individual, and successful applicants can get a Standby or a Priority Ticket.

The Creator Apple Music

Ticket, event and timing information shall be revealed to those who are lucky enough to score the free passes. Moreover, all the information you provide will be subject to the company’s Privacy Policy and used for issuing the event tickets.