Apple recently introduced a new hashflag to promote the newly-released iPhone 13’s ability to create films, alongside the hashtag #HollywoodInYourPocket.

iPhone 13

The promotional tweet highlights the iPhone 13 and its new and improved camera hardware. Also, the Cupertino-based company introduced ‘cinematic mode’ for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13, which mimics professional videography via machine learning.

‘Cinema mode’ can add a depth of effect and auto-shift to various objects, such as pets, people or items. Users can adjust focus after recording the video. Apple tweeted a video of ‘cinematic mode’ in action as promotional content.

Researcher Jane Wong mentioned that the hashflag #HollywoodInYourPocket will be available until December 17, which gives iPhone 13 owners plenty of time to create their own films using cinematic mode.

Apple’s hashflags have traditionally been used to promote Apple products, including the AirTag, Apple TV 4K, iPad Pro and the M1 Mac. It was most recently used in Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ event.


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