An Apple engineer named Cher Scarlett who started a movement within the company to protest against workplace issues, is reportedly leaving the company. She appears to have reached a settlement with the company, the details of which have not been publicly shared. The major concern reportedly was in regards to pay transparency.


“The matter was settled privately and the request for withdrawal is pending before the board,” said Alek Felstiner, Scarlett’s lawyer (via Bloomberg News). “We hope the crucial organizing work at Apple will continue.”

Efforts hit by Apple human resources division

While the lawyer did not share any details, Alek has reportedly requested to withdraw the complaint. On Sept. 1, the complaint was filed with the National Labor Relations Board. The employees who are part of the protest tried to gather information but the efforts were hit by Apple’s human resources division.

Scarlett said that the management of Apple “engaged in coercive and suppressive activity that has enabled abuse and harassment” of employees. She added that her exit from the company is purely on a voluntary basis and that her last day was Friday (19th November, 2021). However, other members of the protest were fired.

Apple employee who led protest exits company
Apple employee who led protest exits company

Ashley Gjovik and Janneke Parrsih, employees of Apple, were fired after they filed their own complaints with the labor board. They had reportedly even spoken out against the company publicly. According to the iPhone maker, the duo were fired for sharing sensitive company data.

Apple said that it never comments on such cases “out of respect for the privacy of any individuals involved.” Similarly, for this case as well, the company declined to comment on Scarlett’s exit from the company. 

Scarlett had been the leader of the protest movement inside Apple for several months. She ran the operations via Slack and other social media platforms using hash tags such as #AppleToo and #MeToo. 


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