Apple Publishes new primer on iCloud Private Relay coverage

iCloud Private Relay is a relatively new feature on iOS 15 and is still in the beta stages. Apple today has updated a guide on what it can and can’t do, among others.

The public beta of Private Relay has been found with issues, which prompts the Cupertino-based company to publish an overview to show users how it protects their privacy on the internet.


The document outlines details such as basic information being sent to websites and network providers whenever one browses the internet. It says the same users could be targeted by marketing ads and campaigns, or have their data collected and sold to third parties.

Apple’s iCloud Private Relay might turn off when the device has moved from Wi-Fi to cellular network, then back on again. Apple explains that visual voicemail, tethering traffic, entitlement server access, telephony and MMS do not use Private Relay.

The full details can be found on Apple’s official Private Relay page.