Apple pulls social media support on several popular platforms

Apple will be ending support roles on social media sites like Twitter and more.

The @AppleSupport account launched in 2016 and won praise due to its high engagement level. However, a recent report claims that Apple will be cutting back on human support from various media outlets, namely YouTube, X, and its own Apple Support Community.


The change is believed to start October 1 this year. Apple employees will not be responding via Twitter direct message, but rather an automated message referring them to other support channels to get help. In line with this, the Community Specialist role will be dissolved as well. Tech support will not be posted on YouTube videos either.

Around 150 jobs will be affected by the change, but it’s believed that Apple will put them in phone support. The social media transition is expected to be completed by November this year. Apple has not yet put up a press release about the move.