Apple pushes for vaccination Of US employees

Apple is working to vaccinate its US employees in light of recent events, particularly the greenlighting of the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 by the Food and Drug Administration.

A new webpage was launched alongside a memorandum to employees. Internal talks were also added to encourage employees to take the jabs. On the page, the Cupertino-based company highlighted how employees could prevent the spread of the delta variant and how they could get vouchers for vaccinating at Walgreens. Furthermore, on-site vaccination centers are set up in the offices at Austin and the Bay Area. Paid time off is given to employees to get some rest and so they could complete their vaccine appointments.


Apple is not mandating its vaccinations and doesn’t force employees to get the jabs. However, other big tech companies such as Facebook and Google are going a different route. Apple has increased testing for retail and corporate employees for up to 3x weekly.