Apple Puts Hyundai partnership on hold

A new report claims that Apple has put its partnership with South Korea carmaker Hyundai on hold.

Apple apparently was upset that Hyundai revealed they were in discussion to create the Apple Car. Furthermore, it was believed that there was an internal disagreement and a dispute on which company, Kia or Hyundai will be producing the autonomous electric vehicle.


In January, a report mentioned how Hyundai executives were still thinking on the risks of bringing Apple aboard as a client.

Currently, it’s unsure if the talks would resume or if Hyundai will still be in charge of production. It’s more likely that Kia will be chosen as the partner, with its Georgia plant tasked to build the Apple Car.

Bloomberg has said before that Apple had been in talks with multiple Japanese carmakers but no names were mentioned. In February, it was also mentioned that Apple will be investing in Kia to the tune of $3.6 billion for the Apple Car.