Apple Puts Up Two New Billboards About Privacy in Canada

Apple has been focusing on the topic of privacy ever since they made the announcement in January. Today, they remind the world by having two billboards put up in Canada.

The 1st billboard, located outside Sidewalk Labs in Toronto, states that ‘We’re in the business of staying out of your business’. Curiously, Sidewalk Labs is a Google building from which Apple has had privacy strategy issues with.

The 2nd billboard, located on Toronto’s King Street, says ‘Privacy is King’.

The first ever hint of Apple’s taking to the privacy banner was in January, just days before the CES, or Consumer Electronics Show was to begin. The Cupertino-based firm set up a billboard that says ‘what happens to your iPhone, stays on your iPhone’. Then in March, Apple released video ads regarding the iPhone’s many privacy features that the public could relate to.

It’s likely we’ll be seeing more of these privacy-based content in the near future.

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