Apple raises App Store price in some countries

Tax changes in certain countries will lead to increased costs in the App Store.

Apple regularly sends out notifications to developers regarding regional tax changes, and the latest update covers the price of apps in Turkey, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Egypt. In an email, in-app purchases and app prices are set to go up in the mentioned countries starting July 25. Developers will not need to take further action if they manually change prices or if their base store is located in those countries.

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Egypt has a new VAT, or value-added tax set at 14%, while Tanzania did the same for VAT at 18% and a 2% digital service tax. In the meanwhile, Turkey has increased its value-added tax from 18% to 20%. Apple says that the price increase will automatically occur, while auto-renewable subscriptions won’t be affected. Developers can check for any changes and price increases for their respective apps through the App Store Connect.