Apple seems to be moving away from the iTunes branding, starting by changing its iTunes Pass to ‘Apple Account Card’.

Apple Account Card

iTunes Pass is a payment platform that can be used to purchase Apple products, apps, music and subscriptions, among others. The newly rebranded Apple Account Card has similar functions, with one notable addition of having Apple Pay support which means users can use the tap to pay option instead of being locked with just the QR code system.

The Cupertino-based company is said to be changing its iTunes brand, starting in 2019 when the iTunes app was replaced by three standalone apps (Podcasts, TV and Music). However, Apple did not change its iTunes branding for its Windows counterpart.

‘Apple Account Card’ is now available to view on the Wallet App, with the same interface and functions. There’s no word on whether Apple will rebrand its Windows app as well or leave it as is.


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