Apple releases ‘AirPods with Spatial Audio’ Ad with Harry Styles


Apple has uploaded a new video ad highlighting an audio feature that can be found in AirPods.

AirPods with Spatial Audio

‘AirPods with Spatial Audio + Music for a Sushi Restaurant’ is a minute-long video that features Harry Styles’ single on his new album. The ad is similar to old iPod commercials, with Styles having a colorful silhouette and a plethora of dancers moving in line with the tune.

Apple describes the video and Spatial Audio as ‘magical listening’ especially with Harry Styles’ newest album, titled ‘Harry’s House’. The Cupertino-based company further added that the dynamic head tracking feature allows the user to hear sound ‘all around’ and experience Styles’ music like never before.

Spatial Audio is a recent tech addition on Apple Music which allows users to listen to music within a 3D space via dynamic head tracking. It’s supported on the AirPods Max, the AirPods Pro, AirPods and Beats by Dre audio headphones with either the W1 or H1 chip.

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