Apple releases new today at Apple video, ‘Take Expressive Pet Portraits on iPhone’

Apple’s latest Today at Apple video shows how pet owners could use their iPhones to capture their pets in expressive portraits.

The 10-minute video features Sophie Gamand, a pet photographer and Jahmyra, an Apple employee and discusses how different shots can be achieved using focuses, angles and modes in portrait. The video uses the Camera app and the iPhone, then goes through several filters and zoom lenses for style.

Gamand reveals that it only takes 3 simple steps to capture energetic pets- tune into their energy, get on their level and letting their personalities shine. Each step shows a unique aspect in the iPhone that users may not know including Live Photo features and interesting and little-used camera modes.

Today at Apple video began in July to bring the sessions online. Traditionally, these sessions are held in events at Apple Stores but have been changed to online due to the pandemic. 

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