Apple releases studio display firmware 17 beta 6

Apple has recently issued a new firmware beta for its Studio Display product.

Studio Display is the company’s 5K monitor that has the A13 processor. This means the display receives iOS updates to patch potential security issues and to add more features. In line with the firmware beta update, Studio Display users can receive this as long as it’s connected to a Mac running macOS Sonoma beta. A prompt will come up telling the user to install the beta.

Apple Releases Studio Display

Apple has not released patch notes for the firmware update, but it’s believed to have security patches, performance improvements, and bug fixes. The full notes might be released when the public software launches along with macOS Sonoma.

Apple has released beta seeds for V17 of Studio Display. Today marks the 7th developer beta for the upcoming macOS Sonoma. Studio Display owners can go to System Settings, then General, and click the ‘update’ button.