Apple has recently made its 14.6 public betas for the tvOS, iPadOS and iOS available for those who wish to test its functionalities.


The public betas should be similar to developer betas that was released on Thursday, and can be downloaded on Apple’s Beta Software web portal.

With iPadOS and iOS having a slew of game-changing features in iOS 14.5 there’s a chance that the succeeding beta will focus on under-the-hood improvements.

Currently there are now two beta tracks, iOS 14.6 and iOS 14.5. To this end Apple has added a prompt in the Settings section that allows developers to choose which beta software they want.

iOS 14.5 is expected to be released officially come April 30, 2021.

Public betas are not official releases and may contain bugs and cause data loss. Apple recommends users to install them only on non-essential devices and back up their current data before doing so.


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