Apple reminds US lawmakers again of sideloading App risks


Apple has sent in an appeal letter to lawmakers to say that its stance on sideloading apps is not ‘overblown’, and outlines the dangers associated with the act.


US lawmakers hope to open up the app market by legalizing sideloading, or the process of installing an app without the help of the App Store and Play Store. Currently, the bill to allow sideloading is being reviewed by Congress, and Apple hopes that it wouldn’t make it to legislation.

Apple argued against sideloading and mentioned that they’re aware of Bruce Schneider, a computer security expert who claims that concerns surrounding the act are ‘unfounded’. The review process that screens apps, according to the Cupertino-based company, ‘creates a barrier against common scams and distributed malware’.

Apple said that Schneider was right about state-sponsored attackers getting through security controls. However, it said that the attacks are a rare threat, and that third-party app stores were identified to be key malware vectors.

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