Apple removes education UniDAYS verification requirement


Just a few days after Apple implemented a verification system for its education website, the Cupertino-based company removed the requirement.


Historically, Apple has not asked teachers, educational staff and students to submit a UNiDAYS requirement to get educational discounts on Apple products and accessories. When the requirement was added there were several complaints that said the site has some problems with staff member verification, particularly asking for a student ID with an expiration date, and therefore unable to get the discount.

The UNiDAYS requirement was only done on the US website but has been removed. Apple has not released an official statement, and it’s not sure if the requirement will make its way back once UNiDAYS has fixed their website, or ever at all.

UNiDAYS verification has always been a process in regions like the UK, and if there’s any indication that it will be reintegrated then it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

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