Apple set to open its stores in Japan

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram  - News Editor
Apple To Hold Shopping Event January 2 in Japan

The global coronavirus pandemic has shook the world markets. However, while taking safety precautions, markets are opening once again. The tech giant Apple is set to open some of its biggest stores in Japan on Wednesday (3rd June).

Apple will reportedly open the store midday on the 3rd of June. Japan is an important market for Apple – one of its biggest indeed. The company already re-opened some of its stores almost a week ago in Japan.

Apple To Hold Shopping Event January 2 in Japan

By the middle of this week, Apple is expected to have ten of its stores up and running. The company will be opening its stores in the Omotesando, Ginza, and Shibuya districts. Also, a new store in Marunouchi will also be opening soon.

Japan has not been affected by the covid-19 pandemic as badly as other western countries. The country has been lifting the restrictions it placed almost two months ago. In a staggered manner, Japan is moving towards normalcy. Schools in Japan are set to reopen this week.

Apple has also begun reopening its stores in the United States, Australia, Germany, Austria, South Korea, Italy, and Switzerland. However, only a few stores have opened in the United States and Italy as these two countries were badly hit by the global pandemic. Apple has reported that it will soon reopen around hundred Apple stores soon

Apple is set to launch a set of new products this year – the most awaited of course being the iPhone 12. The company will reportedly release four new year iPhone 12 models. Also, the company is expected to launch new iPads and Macs. 

Apple was also reportedly set to unveil its augmented reality (AR) glasses at the iPhone launch event, however due to the pandemic, the plans have been drastically changed. The company is reported to be planning a early 2021 unveiling of its AR glasses.

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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