Apple should resurrect the MagSafe connector

Apple’s MagSafe was the gold standard for cables; especially for charging cables as they are connected a lot often compared to other devices. Laptop battery lives have definitely improved over the years, with the current generation MacBooks promising 10 hours of battery backup. However, the removal of MagSafe was not well received and its still dearly missed by many.

By using magnets, Apple was able to design a proprietary cable that automatically latches onto the port when its brought close and when pulled with a little force, it unplugs. The mechanism comes in handy when by mistake somebody trips on the wire or pulls the cable by mistake which usually results in the laptop taking the fall as well. However, by using MagSafe that damage could be controlled.

USB-C Everything: Is It Practical?

It was the 12-inch MacBook (2015) that first ditched the MagSafe and all other ports in favour of a single USB-C which was used for charging, data transfer and other needs. Apple emulated the same with the MacBook Pro in 2016 by removing all the ports and placing multiple USB-C ports; the MagSafe was missing.

Apple should resurrect the MagSafe connector

Two years after the release of the 2016 MacBook Pro came the 2018 MacBook Air which followed the footsteps of the 12-inch MacBook and the MacBook Pro (2016) by getting rid of various ports in favour of the standard USB-C.

We get that USB-C is the future as it allows for charging, data transfer, video output, and many more things using the single port but it would be nice if Apple could still keep the MagSafe port as its very very useful. People could still use USB-C for charging or if they’d like to use the MagSafe, they could do that. Well, what happened to user’s choice?

Apple should resurrect the MagSafe connector

Apple is trying to force everyone to adapt to using USB-C. It’s not only the company doing so. But why kill something that’s much better in favour of an inferior product? Microsoft is still sticking to a magnetic mechanism for its charging port (Surface connector) on its Surface products.

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