Apple retail employees get $30M Settlement for Off-The-Clock search procedures

Apple Store employees may be getting $30M in total as a settlement from Apple for off-the-clock searches after shifts.

In 2013, employees sued the Cupertino-based company and asked that they be compensated for the time they spent undergoing device and bag searches before leaving work. From then, the case has gone through the Ninth Circuit and the California Supreme Court.

Apple began the search practice in 2013, where employees had to comply or face termination. The court saw how Apple exerted control over the retail store employees by having them look for a security guard or manager before they could leave the premises or take a break.

Employees mentioned that they had to allow their Apple devices and bags to be inspected. The California Supreme Court then referred to a legal requirement that compensation should be given to employees when they’re within a company’s control.

Around 12,000 former and current staffers are eligible to receive $1,200 maximum compensation if the settlement is approved.

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