Apple retail stores to carry all 24-inch iMac colors in September

Bloomberg claims that Apple retail stores will have all color options of the newly released 24 inch iMac this month.

New iMacs are not expected in the September ‘California Streaming’ event, but consumers should be able to choose their preferred color when they shop for a 24 inch iMac at a retail location. Currently, three colors, notably purple, orange and yellow models are not available at the Apple Store while the rest, e.g silver, blue, pink and green are available.

24 inch iMac

In a new move, Apple may be allowing third party retail shops such as Best Buy to have the 24 inch iMac in-store for customers in all its color variety.

Apple is expected to show a MacBook Pro refresh this year. However, all signs point to it not being included in the upcoming September event. It’s been said that Apple may have a second event in October or November to present the new Mac with the M1 chip.