Apple reveals Apple Podcasts Award Winner

Apple has recently highlighted the ‘Slow Burn’ podcast series for its first-ever Apple Podcasts ‘Show of the Year’ Award.

The podcast series, created by Slate narrative, focuses on the ‘Roe v. Wade’ case in the latest season. Susan Matthews, executive editor of Slate talked about the events that led up to the decision of the Supreme Court in 1973.

Apple Podcasts

The series, which is divided into four parts, launchd in June and was awarded for its ‘impact, innovation, and outstanding quality’.

The award has the Apple Podcasts logo up front, as well as the title ‘Show of the Year’ and the name of the podcast (Slow Burn Roe v. Wade). Below it is the year that the award was presented, all within a concentric circle design.

The award itself is made from 100 percent recycled aluminum, and it’s the same one given to developers who won the App Store Awards for 2022.