Apple reveals Apple Vision Pro headset

Apple has finally unveiled its mixed reality headset, named the Apple Vision Pro.

Following years of speculation, Apple revealed its much-anticipated headset during the WWDC keynote address. The Vision Pro is much like the Meta Quest 2 in that it’s a standalone device but with several new innovations, including higher hardware specifications and advanced functionalities. Vision Pro will become available in early 2024 and will have a price tag of $3,499.

Apple Vision Pro Headset
Apple reveals Apple Vision Pro headset

Apple’s mixed reality headset uses ‘spatial computing’ to display apps in the user’s space. The apps can be expanded and multi-tasking is also an option to suit their needs. Navigation is done via eye, finger, and hand movement, and voice control as well. The device uses iCloud to sync data to and from an iPad, iPhone, or Mac.

Powering the Vision Pro is a dual-chip technology based on the M2 chip. The headset will first launch in the US and other countries are to follow.