Apple reveals first look at the Tower Theatre Store

Apple has revealed details regarding the soon-to-open Tower Theatre store , including a new creative initiative for its Today at Apple sessions.

The retail location is located in downtown LA and is set to open June 24. It’s the 26th presence in Los Angeles and will have around a hundred Apple Store employees.

Apple also mentioned a new Today at Apple initiative, titled ‘Creative Studios’ which details hands-on experience and young creative mentorship. It will go live the same time the Apple Tower Theatre opens on Thursday.

Apple Tower Theatre Store

Apple Tower Theatre is within a historic site and was designed by S Charles Lee in 1927. It was sound-wired and continued operation until 1988. Apple said they collaborated with the city, restoration artists and preservationists for the restoration project.

The store will host a video wall and forum for Today at Apple sessions. The first hosts of the session are Maurice Harris, Noah Humes, Kelsey Lu, Syd, D Smoke and Bethany Mollenkof, among others.

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