Apple Reveals ‘For All Mankind’ In Line With Apollo 11 Moon Landing Anniversary

Apple has shared a video for its upcoming Apple TV+ show ‘For All Mankind’, with commentary from Ronald Moore, the show’s creator and others.

Joel Kinnaman spearheads the cast in the science fiction series that’s set in an alternate reality. The show’s premise was that the USSR were the first to land on the moon, and the race to reach the stars hasn’t ended. The United States is on the path to send astronauts to Saturn and Mars and become the first country to do so.

‘For All Mankind’ is just one of the many original shows Apple is working on for Apple TV+, an upcoming streaming service set to be launched this fall. According to Matt Wolpert, executive producer of the show, ‘For All Mankind’ got its inspiration from the Apollo 11 space mission. The team is already discussing the second season even when the first has yet to debut.

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