Apple today has uploaded a new behind the scenes video of the recently released ‘Shot on iPhone’ content by Michel Gondry.

Michel Gondry Shot on iPhone

In a follow-up to the ‘A Dozen Eggs’ video, Michel Gondry explains how eggs have become the central focus of his collaboration. The French filmmaker says that he liked using simple elements to construct sophisticated results, to which the egg was ‘perfect’.

Gondy mentions how he used the iPhone to feature ‘weird situations’ with eggs. Clips included them dancing, cooking, splatting and shooting among different scenarios. The crew was seen using iPhone accessories such as dolly adapters, a SmallRig video cage, a Beastgrip Pro and more.

The filmmaker praised the iPhone for its image quality, which is now closer to professional cameras than ever. ‘Shot on iPhone Pro – Behind the Eggs with Michel Gondry’ is now available to watch on Apple’s official YouTube channel and is just a little under two minutes in length.


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