Apple reveals new fitness challenge for International Dance Day


Apple is offering a new Activity Challenge for International Dance Day which will be celebrated on April 29.

Fitness Challenge for International Dance Day

Apple Watch owners can complete the challenge by undergoing a 20-minute dance workout in the Workout app. Those who have a subscription to Fitness+ can tune in to the dance workout category and follow along routines set to throwback hits, R&B and hip hop from trainers Ben, Jhon and LaShawn.

Upon completion users will get the International Dance Day Challenge award, as well as animated stickers for FaceTime and Messages. The challenge must be recorded via the Workout app to unlock the rewards. The badge features the year ‘2021’ with a person doing the dance.

Apple constantly offers Activity Challenges for users to go along with events such as Valentine’s Day, Veterans Day, Earth Day and more.

Apple Fitness+ is a fitness workout service that costs $9.99 a month and is bundled with other Apple services in Apple One.


Samantha Wiley

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