Apple reveals Podcast subscriptions free and Paid rankings

Apple recently shared its Podcast Subscriptions numbers in the free and paid sections ahead of International Podcast Day.

The rankings show the top podcasts according to how many listeners it had from June 15 to September 15 this year, and on the paid and free tiers, with the ‘top subscriptions’ list having both channels and multiple shows and individual ones. The top free category did not have ‘freemium’ channels, or those that offer extra content at an added cost.

In the Top Subscriptions, Wondery+ gains the top spot, followed by Luminary at the 2 spot and Sword and Scale +PLUS Light at third. In the Top Free Channels, The New York Times stands at number 1, followed by audiochuck, iHeartPodcast Network, Barstool Sports and Dateline NBC at two through five, respectively.

Apple further reveals that it counted listeners on each unique device that has played more than zero seconds in an episode.

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