Apple reveals three new iPad mini and iPad case colors

As part of the unveiling of the new iPad mini and iPad, Apple has announced that there will be three new colors that will adorn the Smart Cover.

New first-party accessories have been introduced on the website. For the 9th gen iPad, English Lavender Smart Cover is now available alongside the six colors that have been offered. For the 6th gen iPad mini, English Lavender and Dark Cherry Smart Covers are now offered.

These three items join a veritable wealth of new bands and straps, and leather and silicone cases for the newly announced Apple Watch Series 7 and iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13, respectively. Existing case covers for the iPad and the Smart Keyboard are also compatible with the new iPad.

The new case colors can now be bought and scheduled for delivery later. The new iPad mini and iPad models are now available for preorders.

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