Apple has uploaded not just one, but three new videos for its ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign.

Shot on iPhone

The central theme for the new videos seems to be on the humorous side. All of them were shot using the iPhone 13 Pro, albeit in different settings. ‘Detectives’ is shot in Cinematic mode, while ‘Basement’ is shot with Advanced Low Light and ‘Pavel’ utilizes 3x Optical Zoom.

Each of the videos break the fourth wall, discussing the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera feature at one point. ‘Detectives’ has a classic stakeout scene, ‘Basement’ is based on the basement horror trope, while ‘Pavel’ focuses on a man who seems to be thinking deeply. The endings show the caption, ‘Hollywood in your pocket’ and the Apple logo.

The ‘Shot on iPhone’ videos are only about a minute long and are available to watch on Apple’s official YouTube channel.

The iPhone 13 Pro debuted in September during the ‘California Streaming’ event alongside the iPhone 13.


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